92%of all raw materials use in the production of SINBAD products in 2017 were sourced from sustainable fisheries.

We use guidance from Seafood Watch, Ocean Wise and the Marine Stewardship Council to determine the sustainability status of our raw materials - and then input their data into our internal rating system to arrive at a rating out of 100.

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Lights – Camera – Action - Learn

In the seafood industry - economic indicators can change as often as the tides – but are far less predictable.

Without educated insight – market forecasting and margin management can be like throwing darts in the dark.

With this in mind – our research experts produce two webcasts that are designed to condense vast amounts of market information - that can ultimately assist you in making your daily purchasing decisions:


3-Minute Market Insight – President & CEO Robert Reierson hosts a Monday Morning Pulse Report for Seafood Purchasers & Industry. This seafood webcast is circulated weekly and reports on Current & Future market conditions for various species as well as breaking news industry topics.

Breaking News – When we obtain seafood market information that can't wait till the next episode of the 3-Minute Market Insight to tell you - we'll produce these Breaking News episodes and fire them out!