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EP 388 | Aired 05/28/2018
Mid-2018 Market Update for Alaskan and Russian King Crab - Vendors Sold Out, Pricing To Remain High

May 28, 2018 - In this week's episode we review Alaskan and Russian King Crab markets.

he Alaska Department of Fish and Game tracks the Annual yearly harvests by weight in comparison to the wholesale value of the fishery. Statewide harvests for crab as a...

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species peaked in the 90s and since 2000 have been steady below 80 million pounds.

Snow crab comprises the majority of crab harvests now at 17.3 million pounds last year, with golden and red king crab trailing at 3.4 million and 5 million pounds, respectively.

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Golden king crab is harvested between August 15th and May 15th in the Aleutian Islands and Red King crab is open for 2 weeks in November in Area 1.

Last month, 9-12count Red King crab legs and claws were $19.75/lb in Seattle.

Currently, most local vendors are completely sold out of King crab anticipating new offers around October.

--- In Russia, King crab comes from two main areas, the Barents Sea and the Sea of Okhotsk with major catching occurring between May and July.

Larger sizes of king crab are the most popular - under 12ct per 10 lb box is a premium spec and is usually limited.

9-12count Russian red king crab legs and claws were $19.50/lb in Seattle, about 25 cents per pound below Alaskan pricing.

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Conversely, the smaller sizes like 20-24 count and 20 + and very popular due to their lower price point.

Pricing has been turbulent the past five years since Asia began importing live crab, but are currently quite strong and are anticipated to remain high.

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