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Introducing our new retail line-up ready to hit your retail shelves. Designed to look bold with its brilliant orange branding, these bags are resealable, and are created as stand up pouch bags. Currently available in 1LB bags for SINBAD Pollock Portions, SINBAD Haddock Portions, SINBAD Platinum Shrimpmeat, SINBAD Salmon Portions, SINBAD Cod Potions, SINBAD Sole Fillets, and Basa Fillets available as a 2LB bag. Available in SINBAD, SINBAD Platinum, Private Label


Tradex Foods is the leader in Sourcing, Processing, Distributing and Marketing of Premium Quality Frozen Seafood supplying over 40 Million lbs per year to food service, supermarkets and retailers worldwide.

We produce three exceptional house brands under One Standard of quality. SINBAD, SINBAD Gold and SINBAD Platinum; are proudly produced under our “Industry Best” 7-Step Quality Control Process.

Tradex Foods is a MSC Certified Supplier and an Ocean Wise Recommended Partner achieving a milestone 100% Sustainability Rating Score in 2020.

Quality is the Foundation of our Business

The foundation of our business model is based on our 7-Step Quality Control Process focusing on the Procurement, Processing, Inspections, Packing, Sales and Distribution of our Value-Added frozen seafood products

3 Exceptional Brands - 1 Standard of Quality

Proudly produced under our “Industry Best” 7-Step Quality Control Process. SINBAD is our Value Added, Value Priced, Premium Quality brand produced in Asia. SINBAD Gold is our Value Added, Natural, Premium Quality brand produced in Asia. SINBAD Platinum is our Value Added, Natural, Premium Quality brand produced in North Ameria

Leader in Branding and Marketing

Since adding a Marketing Department into the wheelhouse, our Marketing, Research, and Design team have transformed Tradex Foods into a globally recognized brand from custom packaging to video marketing to web design. Let us be your seafood experts and your sales and marketing assistant.

Leader in Seafood News

Knowledge is power and the more you know about current market conditions the better you can make purchase decisions. In 2010 we launched our 3-Minute Market Insight and to this day, it is still the most watched seafood news video series in the industry.

Leader in Seafood Innovations

In 2014 we made purchasing seafood more accessible and transparent with the launch of TradexLIVE - an online seafood offers portal featuring commodity, H&G, value-added seafood products always updating live and in real-time.

Leader in Seafood Education

School of Fish is inspired by the global ecological sustainability crisis facing our oceans and the increasing level of seafood processing deception infiltrating the industry. We have postured our business philosophies around raising awareness and furthering education.

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Tradex Foods Victoria

Suite 410 - 3960 Quadra Street
Victoria BC - Canada
V8X 4A3

Toll Free 1 877 479 1355
Phone 250 479 1355
Fax 250 479 5777

Tradex Foods Vancouver

Suite 201 - 1150 Station Street
Vancouver BC – Canada
V6A 4C7

Toll Free 1 877 479 1355
Phone 604 681 8330
Fax 604 689 3223

Tradex Foods China

Room 515, Building 2
#6, Cuiling Road, Laoshan Dict.,
Qingdao, China

Phone 0086-532-5851 5399

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