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Corporate Profile

Mission Statement

Tradex Foods aims to achieve global excellence in procurement, processing, packaging, quality control and distribution of premium frozen seafood products. Our competitive advantage lies in operational efficiencies and sales support. Strategic contributions to sustainability and economic integrity demonstrate our commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Sustainability Statement

To provide leadership in sustainability through education and the adoption of globally recognized best practices and standards in sustainability to ensure a vibrant industry for future generations.

Premium Quality, Sustainable, Global Seafood Supplier

Tradex Foods is a Global Supplier of Premium Quality Frozen Seafood – distributing over 40 million lbs of frozen seafood per year. We are MSC Certified, Ocean Wise Recommended and we are also RFM Global Trust Certified. Tradex Foods is proud to work with foodservice suppliers, distributors, retailers and restaurant chains - supplying them with Commodity, H&G, Value-added and Whole Round frozen seafood all over the globe.

Celebrating 30 Years of Seafood Excellence

Corporate Values

Tradex values define how we do business. They underpin our relationships with our suppliers, customers and industry affiliations - as well as guide our internal working relationships with each other.


We are committed to our employees, suppliers, customers and peers. Their needs are our needs – we consistently deliver exemplary service with the goal of building long-term relationships.


We recognize that no business environment is static. We monitor trends and adapt our business model to be proactive. Tradex employees are encouraged to continuously seek out new opportunities that will improve our business, our products and the environment.


We consistently deliver products and services that exceed customer expectations. Each employee is responsible for applying themselves to the best of their ability.


We are committed to the highest standards of professionalism. Tradex is transparent and honest in every business transaction – both internally and externally.


We deliver on commitments - on time and to the highest possible standards. We are accountable to our customers, suppliers, peers and ourselves.

Tradex Foods Timeline

The Early Beginnings

Robert Reierson laid the early foundation for what would eventually become Tradex Foods in 1987 while working as a sales manager of a broker network selling seafood in the North American market. Robert focused his business development initiatives on value-added sales but saw increasing potential in commodity and commodity – value-added opportunities. While thriving in the industry – Robert found the structure of a broker network left him vulnerable to corporate influences that were ultimately beyond his control. The landscape of business and the industry was changing – and Robert soon found himself seeking independent business opportunities and a chance to “be his own boss”.

  • 1991

    Tradex Food Brokers

    Tradex Foods Brokers, founded by Robert Reierson, Irving Choran and Pat Giordano is incorporated in British Columbia.

  • 1991 – 1994

    Seattle Seafoods, Contessa Shrimp

    Tradex Foods Brokers represents Seattle Seafoods and Contessa Shrimp across Canada for 2 years – selling value-added seafood to food service customers.

  • 1995

    Tradex Foods Inc.

    The company moves away from brokerage and changes its name to Tradex Foods Inc. operating as a seafood trading company. Expansion soon follows with the opening of an office in Seattle, Washington.

  • 1998

    European Market Reached

    Tradex expands into the European market – selling more than three hundred containers annually to global destinations.

  • 2000

    Asia Market Expansion

    Further expansion follows with procurement and processing operations reaching into the Asian market.

  • 2003

    SINBAD Brand Launched

    Tradex launches SINBAD, our Premium Quality, Value Added, Value Priced product produced in Asia.

  • 2004

    Asia Operations

    Tradex opens its Asian operation and hires quality control production supervisors.

    MSC Certification

    The Marine Stewardship Council in Chain of Custody management certifies Tradex Foods

  • 2006

    Market Research

    A market research department is added providing information to its customers and suppliers.

  • 2007

    Alaska Quality Control

    A quality control inspector is appointed in Alaska, USA.

    NFI involvement

    Tradex becomes a member of the National Fisheries Institute and is a signatory to its Economic Integrity Initiative.

  • 2009

    SINBAD Platinum Launched

    Tradex launches SINBAD Platinum, our Premium Quality, Value Added, Natural product produced in North America.

    Asia Office Expansion

    The company expands with the opening of its second Asian office in Ho Chi Minh City.

    New Distribution Hubs

    With growing demand for SINBAD Platinum and SINBAD brands, Tradex introduces six North American Distribution centers which support just-in-time inventory for our valued clients.


    Robert Reierson, President of Tradex Foods, is appointed to the National Fisheries Institute Board of Directors for a three year term.

  • 2010

    inFINite Launched

    Increasing pressures on world fish stocks prompts a movement toward corporate accountability and sustainable fishing practices leading Tradex to launch its inFINite Web-Resource - a model which determines sustainability of various branded species.

    School of Fish

    Increasing levels of deceptive practices within the frozen seafood processing industry leads to the production of School of Fish - our educational training video.

    First Ocean Wise Product

    SINBAD Platinum Wild West Coast Shrimp is listed as Tradex' first - Ocean Wise Recommended - retail product.

    Asian Expansion in China

    To increase global competitiveness, Tradex expands its Asian operations by opening a new office in Qingdao City, China.

    3-Minute Market Insight

    Tradex starts producing the 3-Minute Market Insight - now the The Most Watched Seafood News Video Series in the Industry!

    Quality management Import Licence Earned

    The Canadian Food Inspection Agency grants Tradex a Quality Management Program Import License.

    FCC joined

    Tradex joins the Fisheries Council of Canada (FCC) - an organization which represents Canada’s fish and seafood industry.

  • 2011

    Radiation Testing

    Tradex implements a strict Radiation Testing Policy due to Fukushima incident.

    Toronto Office

    Tradex opens a Toronto office to enhance the ability to service Eastern Canada customers.

    New Website Launched

    Tradex launches a brand new corporate website.

    DNA Testing

    Tradex implements DNA Testing on seafood products providing full transparency and to eliminate seafood fraud.

  • 2012

    South American Buyer

    Tradex expands its presence into Uruguay by appointing a new buyer in South America.

  • 2013

    Temperature Monitoring

    Tradex implements temperature monitoring on its shipments providing all-inclusive cargo transparency and supply chain integrity from origin to destination.

    Russian Office Open

    Tradex opens a Russia office to enable themto go direct to the source of supply from Russian waters enhancing raw material sourcing capacity.

    MSC Re-certification

    Tradex successfully MSC Re-certified & FAO-Based RFM Global Trust Certified.

  • 2014


    Tradex Launches TradexLIVE - a Seafood Offers Portal featuring Commodity, H&G and Value Added Seafood Products always Updating LIVE and in Real-time.

  • 2015

    25 Years of Seafood Excellence

    Tradex Foods Celebrates Twenty-Five years in the business of providing quality seafood to the world.

  • 2016

    SINBAD Gold Launched

    Tradex Foods launches SINBAD Gold, our Premium Quality, Value Added, Natural product produced in Asia.

    MSC Re-Certified

    Tradex Foods is MSC Re-certified after a successful MSC Audit.

  • 2017

    2016 Sustainability Rating Score

    Tradex releases it’s first Sustainability Rating Score for all SINBAD, SINBAD Gold, and SINBAD Platinum brand seafood produced in 2016 scoring an 85% sustainability rating.

    Vancouver Office Open

    Tradex Foods is proud to announce the addition of a new strategic office in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. This international business development office will extend our products and services to China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, the Middle East and South America.

  • 2018

    2017 Sustainability Rating Score

    Tradex releases it’s 2017 Sustainability Rating Score for all SINBAD, SINBAD Gold, and SINBAD Platinum brand seafood produced in 2017 increased to a 92% sustainability rating.
    ( Press Release)

    Quality Control Expansion

    Tradex expands its quality control operations. Tradex will have a full time quality control facility in Vancouver, B.C., Canada and will have access to perform QC inspections at processing facilities along the West Coast - from Alaska to California.
    ( Press Release)