92%of all raw materials use in the production of SINBAD products in 2017 were sourced from sustainable fisheries.

We use guidance from Seafood Watch, Ocean Wise and the Marine Stewardship Council to determine the sustainability status of our raw materials - and then input their data into our internal rating system to arrive at a rating out of 100.

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Premium Quality Sustainable Frozen Seafood Supplier

Tradex Foods is an Ocean Wise Recommended, MSC & RFM Global Trust Certified, sustainable, premium quality frozen seafood supplier & exporter – distributing over 40 million lbs of frozen seafood per year.

The foundation of our business model is based on our 7-Step Quality Control Process focusing on the procurement, processing, packing, sales and distribution of Value-Added, H&G and Whole Round frozen seafood products.

Our value-added frozen seafood division is marketed under three primary trade brands – SINBAD Platinum, SINBAD Gold and SINBAD. These brands are distributed within both Food Service and Retail distribution channels.

School of Fish: Inspired by the global ecological sustainability crisis facing our oceans and the increasing level of seafood processing deception infiltrating the industry – we have postured our business philosophies around raising awareness and furthering education.

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