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EP 389 | Aired 06/04/2018
Where’s the Pink Salmon Market Headed? Here’s Our Pink Salmon Predictions...

June 4, 2018 - In this week's episode we take a look at Pink Salmon predictions.

Last year we saw peak Pink Salmon harvests around the first week of August, but it's important to note that this is an off-year for Pinks being an even-numbered year. Our...

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Salmon Category buyer Rob McNutt joined us in the studio for his take on this year's Pink Salmon Market.

Kyla: Rob, what are your thoughts on the 2018 Alaskan pink salmon market?

Rob: The 2018 Pinks salmon market is in for a potential rough ride.

SINBAD Pink Salmon
The forecast has been reduced (off year for pinks) by half of the 2017 harvest.

The new 2018 forecast is 70.0 million pinks.

Last year processors were keen to get pre commitment sales for Pinks and it still left the market short.

Pricing was from last year at the $1.50-1.60 range.

This season has the potential to go higher due to consistent demand.

I am led to believe the canned pink salmon market is still short.

Most processors are weary of taking pre commitments this season and with good reason.

Kyla: What should buyers look out for in 2018?

Rob: It is my advise to lock up your H&G pink requirements ASAP.

SINBAD Platinum

The market will remain short and prices are likely to rise.

--- Pink Salmon is likely to begin landing in Alaska towards the middle of June.

Two years ago, there were stronger landings in the middle of July and early August, a good indicator for how this season could go.

--- In Canada, the 2018 Pink salmon outlook show good returns expected in Northern British Columbia, but minimal returns in the Fraser River in Southern British Columbia.

As Rob mentioned, the market is set to be short so buyers need to make decisions early to secure inventory.

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