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EP 392 | Aired 06/25/2018
Atlantic Salmon Prices Finally Expected to Tick Up

June 25, 2018 - In this week's episode we tackle the Atlantic Salmon market.

Both Chilean and Norwegian Atlantic Salmon prices began to drop in the middle of May. Atlantic Salmon always competes with wild salmon on a retail level, with Atlantic...

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maintaining a favourable price point to compete against wild species.

We interviewed an Atlantic Salmon importer, who wished to remain anonymous, for an indepth look at the current farmed salmon market.

SINBAD Platinum Atlantic Salmon
Fresh Chilean Trim D fillets in Miami are in the low $5s after dropping from a high of around $6.25/lb in Early May.

However, it may actually be less about retail price and more about volume though, our source reports.

Consumers will always buy Sockeye salmon, but if supply drops and retailers cannot fill shelves, then demand for farmed salmon increases.

We reported on Fresh Sockeye landings last week, citing the 2nd lowest Copper River harvest in 50 years and poor returns in the Barkley Sound.

As a result, Sockeye salmon prices began strong but have since been dropping, which may help push up the price of Atlantic Salmon that has been falling for about 6 weeks.

As well, a truckers strike in Brazil in May diverted Atlantic Salmon supply to the USA and flooded the Market.

Our Atlantic Salmon source does not believe Chilean and Norwegian Atlantic salmon prices will drop any further due to stronger demand, and expect prices to strengthen in July.

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He further noted that if Sockeye does pick up, Atlantic Salmon prices should not be affected too drastically as it is a global market, so Chileans and Norwegians can ship to other markets like China and Russia instead.

We can already see Atlantic prices level out and will keep an eye on sockeye landings for Atlantic prices to pick up.

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