EP 401 | AIRED 08/27/2018

Alaska Pollock in Short Supply Until Fall Fishery

August 27, 2018 - As of mid-August, NOAA has reported 1.22 million metric tonnes of Pollock harvested state-wide in Alaska. Only 6 percent of these harvest totals are from the Gulf of Alaska, the lionshare comes from the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands...

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2018 Alaska Salmon Commercial Harvest Counter

(Harvest in thousands of fish)

Chinook Chum Coho Pink Sockeye Total
Statewide Totals 224 15,085 2,230 37,639 49,473 104,651

Updated: MON AUG 27 2018 9:40AM (View Previous Weeks Totals)

Much of the Gulf's landings will stay in the US market as single frozen fillets, whereas the frozen at sea trawlers in the Bering Sea will typically send their haul for further processing in Asia.

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Generally, Alaska Pollock fillets are quite short in supply.

Many of the leading Alaskan packers that we spoke to indicated their inventories are low.

Other than by-catch, there will not be any new targeted fishing or new fillet production until the fall.

The "C" season for Alaska Pollock runs from August to October on the Gulf of Alaska.

Prices are quite volatile at the moment - 2-4oz Shatterpack Pollock fillets is in the mid-low $2.00 range, whereas 4-6oz fillets are closer to the mid-$2.00 mark FOB Seattle.

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--- In the twice frozen market, raw materials recently strengthened about $70 per metric tonne, which could reflect about 5 cents on twice frozen fillets.

Skinless, boneless, IQF pollock fillets from China are currently at $1.35/lb in Boston, but we could see this pricing at $1.40 in the Fall.

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