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EP 553 | AIRED 08/30/2021

Salmon Market Update: High Harvest, Low Inventories

August 30th, 2021--- This week we provide a timely Salmon Market Update as Alaska’s harvest surpasses pre-season forecast - however inventories continue to remain extremely scarce in the open market.

--- As of last week (or week 34), Wild Pacific Salmon harvest in Alaska exceeded it’s pre-season forecast of 190.1 million fish - and there is still plenty of fishing left as the catch will continue to trickle in until late October.

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Pink Salmon continue to be the species in charge of pushing the higher numbers as it surpassed it’s pre-season forecast of 124.2 million fish last week with over 130 million fish harvested.

Coho Salmon harvests, which typically peak during late August, have declined for three consecutive weeks with harvest at just over 1.4 million fish last week equating to about 37 percent of the pre-season forecast of 3.8 million fish.


For Chum Salmon, although there was a nice surge in catch at week 33, the cumulative Keta total is still only half (or 48 percent below) the five-year average with about 8.4 million Chums harvested out of a pre-season forecast of 15.2 million fish.

For Alaska’s “big money fish” Sockeye - harvest surpassed 54 million last week exceeding pre-season by nearly 8 million fish.

Moving onto the marketplace and as expected, the available Sockeye that was on the market, has already sold, and very quickly.

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Processors are even buying in the open market to ensure product for their programs and with that, processors are also taking PO’s in advance of fishing and pricing is subject to catch.

For Chum Salmon, the season has been very disappointing.

There is much less volume available on the open market with very minimal offers and nothing substantial - while again, most processors are keeping what they need for themselves.

For Pink Salmon, since the catches seem to be good this year, there is good availability however we are hearing the fish are small in size.


--- Our Recommendation is to buy everything and anything you need or will need for your inventories - now.

Stocks will deplete and prices will continue to rise.

If you require Salmon, now is the time to buy and stock up or you will be left out.

As an alternative to Wild Pacific Salmon, we also have excellent Farmed Atlantic Salmon programs featuring the finest quality Norwegian Atlantic Salmon - please inquire within.

Quality Processing, Quality Seafood: The Process of Alaska Seafood - Alaska Seafood

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