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EP 560 | AIRED 10/18/2021

Atlantic Cod Update and New Harvest Projections for 2022

October 18th, 2021--- This week we report on Atlantic Cod as new harvest projections out of the International Groundfish Forum are calling for North Atlantic Cod catches to decline by about 52,000 metric tonnes in 2022.

--- New figures released from the Groundfish Forum last week are projecting the overall supply of wild caught whitefish in 2022 to hold stable at 7.098 million metric tonnes harvested, down 0.68 percent from 2021’s projected harvest of 7.144 million metric tonnes.

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Of the global forecast, Atlantic Cod is to account for 1.093 million metric tonnes - and for comparison, other notable species are Pollock at 3.49 million, Pacific Cod at 368,000, and Haddock at 345,000 metric tonnes harvested globally.

(To view all other whitefish, please click the link below this video)

--- Let’s narrow in on Atlantic Cod now.

Atlantic Cod is one of the most well-known fish globally - known for its great flavour, firm meat, and intense umami flavour.

Atlantic Cod can be harvested from Georges Bank in Eastern United States to the Barents Sea along Norway and Russia.


Although the stock status is considered to be poor along the Eastern coast of the USA and Canada, stock status in the Barents Sea and Iceland are considered to be doing extremely well.

Fishing for Atlantic cod can be classed as inshore and offshore fisheries.

For the Inshore fishery, the Atlantic cod is caught primarily with pound nets, which fishermen use to round up the net, trapping the cod inside. The catch is then hauled on board, where the fish are gutted before they are delivered to processing plants.


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The offshore fishing for Atlantic cod uses trawl. The trawl consists of a large net that is pulled over the seabed to catch fish, which is often taken in mixed catches with other species. To minimise bycatch impacts from fishing, sustainability forward companies will process fish from the entire catch.

Majority of global Atlantic Cod harvest comes from the jointly managed Norway/Russia fishery and Icelandic fishery.

Harvest to date for the Joint Norwegian and Russian fishery is for about 307,000 metric tonnes out of a Total Allowable Catch of 906,000 metric tonnes.

In the Icelandic fishery, preliminary harvest totals show about 190,000 metric tonnes harvested - down a fair way from the 270,000 seen in the previous two years.


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