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EP 564 | AIRED 11/15/2021

46,000,000lbs of Pink Shrimp, 65,000,000lbs of Market Squid Landed

November 15th, 2021--- This week we provide an Oregon Pink Shrimp AND California Market Squid update as Oregon’s season just wrapped up and California’s Market Squid landings slow down heading into winter.

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--- Starting with Pink Shrimp, pricing and supply is expected to remain stable for the foreseeable future so if you are looking for stability and reliability (when the rest of the seafood world seems to be in total chaos), look no further than Oregon Pink Shrimp for your holiday season programs.

Oregon’s 2021 Pink Shrimp fishery ended in October and saw another robust year reaching 46.7 million pounds of Pandalus Jordani harvested throughout a year that experienced Moderate La Nina ocean conditions.

This year’s harvest will make it the second consecutive year of harvesting over 40 million pounds of Jordani compared to record low levels of 26.8 million pounds in 2019, and 23 million in 2017 (where El Nino and La Nina conditions were experienced).

With a robust 43 million pounds of Jordani harvested in 2020 (all while the Pandemic crippled the Foodservice industry), 2021 started off with a large surplus of Cooked and Peeled Shrimp in cold storages.


As Foodservice picked back up throughout 2021, it is said that inventories of Jordani started moving again and we are now at good levels, but supply is still plentiful thanks to another strong harvest.

Scott Groth of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife noted to us that there were some “count per pound problems early in the season, but the sizes are really good now”.

As such Tradex Foods can help you secure 175/250 count and 250/350 count Cooked & Peeled Jordani - which are great for salad shrimp, pasta’s, and tacos.


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Oregon Pink Shrimp are one of the best managed fisheries and as such are also MSC Certified.

Our recommendation is to include this reliable product in your holiday seafood programs.

--- Moving onto California Loligo Market Squid and an astounding 65 million pounds have been harvested throughout 2021, which is a stark contrast to the record low landings seen in the previous two years.

Harvest of California Market Squid have been on the decline since 2010 which saw a record high 288 million pounds harvested compared to extremely poor landings of 27 million pounds as seen in 2019


As Calamari is always a top menu item please contact us at Tradex Foods if you’d like us to help you secure Squid products.

Although 65 million pounds of Market Squid is much higher than the previous two years, it is still lower than historical levels - all while the Foodservice industry continues to rally forward and overseas supply chain issues continue to plague seafood imports.

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