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EP 579 | AIRED 03/07/2022

The Lent Briefing: Alaska Cod & Pollock Hot Items, Halibut Fishery has Started

Mar 7th, 2022 --- This week, we give you a Lent briefing as Lent this year officially started on March 2nd and runs until April 14th.

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Seafood producers (such as Tradex) started preparing for Lent long before the Christmas holidays, and distributors and importers have been busy buying and stocking up for this annual high volume seafood sales period.

In fact, sales during Lent have been reported to increase up to 20 percent over the 40 days before Lent, and that consumers typically purchase more seafood for the week instead of just on Fish Fridays.

Amidst on-going pandemic induced supply chain challenges, we (at Tradex) have taken strong positions on supply, providing us with a significant amount of inventory and access to a variety of products to meet the needs of Lent in both species and quantity.

Our recommendation is to start talking to your Tradex Foods rep about developing programs for after Lent, all while keeping a pulse on what you still might need for the remainder of Lent.

Lent Briefing

Two whitefish categories that are considered hot items right now are Wild Caught Alaska Pacific Cod and Alaska Pollock which are currently being harvested in Alaska's "A" season fishery.

As the 3rd month of fishing is underway, over 55,000 metric tonnes of Pacific Cod, and over 300,000 metric tonnes of Pollock have been harvested in Alaska since the start of this season.

Last year, fishermen managed to bring in about 130,000 metric tonnes of Pacific Cod, and 1.48 million metric tonnes of Pollock in Alaska.


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We expect pricing for Pacific Cod and Pollock to remain relatively stable throughout Lent.

Please refer to this price matrix for current pricing.

Lent Briefing

The Pacific Halibut fishery officially kicked off on March the 6th, and with that, expect fresh Halibut to hit the marketplace soon with pricing expected to be high (as it typically is) at the start of the season.

The International Pacific Halibut Commission finalized the Catch Limit for the 2022 Pacific Halibut fishery with a TCEY of 41.2 million pounds up from 39 million pounds in 2021 where fishermen harvested 96 percent of the limit.

The next hot fisheries to start preparing for is the Canadian Snow Crab fishery which starts in April, and the Alaska Salmon Season which will start around June - more on these in upcoming market insights.

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