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EP 599 | AIRED 07/25/2022

How much Salmon will Canada contribute to the Supply of Salmon this Summer?

July 25th, 2022--- Well according to a B.C. Salmon veteran - this year’s commercial Salmon harvest out of British Columbia Canada will be well over 1 million fish.

Although this may seem like a drop in a bucket (especially) when compared to Bristol Bay’s record smashing Sockeye harvest, Wild Pacific Salmon stocks in B.C. are still at risk of completely dying off.

Much of this year’s catch will be Sockeye so get ready for a lot of fresh and frozen Sockeye.

Barkley Sound alone has over 300,000 Sockeye already landed, The Skeena is open with a likely commercial allocation of 750,000, and this is before the Fraser River opens, (and any fall Chum fisheries).

How Much Salmon Will Canada Supply This Summer?

It’s too early to confirm anything about the Fraser, but the Salmon veteran expects summer and late-timed Fraser Sockeye will meet, or exceed forecasts.

The outlook for Pink Salmon this year does not look good.

How Much Salmon Will Canada Supply This Summer?

However, BC’s North and Central coastal fisheries may get some pleasant surprises as Southeast Alaskan Pink Salmon are predicted to be weak, and if Alaskan managers constrain their Pink fisheries, it will benefit co-migrating B.C. Pink and Chum Salmon.


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The Central Coast Summer Chum fishery will be closed again this year.

Fall Chum Salmon is still a big question mark at the moment however this Salmon veteran is getting more bullish on the possibility of some fall Chum Salmon.

For Coho, (although it’s still too early to say with confidence), there is evidence of good wild and hatchery Coho returns.

How Much Salmon Will Canada Supply This Summer?

There will be limited Chinook troll fisheries in the north, reaching maybe 30-40 thousand fish.

Our Recommendation for buyers continues to be “Wait and Hold”.

In fact, the huge harvest out of Bristol Bay may even depress B.C.’s Sockeye market.

The market is still trying to find itself on Sockeye pricing but it does appear to be a buyer’s market.

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