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EP 602 | AIRED 08/15/2022

China Raw Materials Update: Pink & Chum Salmon Supply Short

Aug 15th, 2022 - Our sources in China have advised that Pink and Chum Salmon supply are very short this year.

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Although Chum (and Pink) Salmon harvest out of Alaska have shown signs of recovering after weeks of unseasonably low numbers, Russia's Chum landings are sitting at only 21 percent of the forecast, (and for comparison, 25 percent of last year's harvest).

By this time in previous years over 50 percent of the Chum forecast is already harvested, and the season closes between August and September.

For Pinks, the current Alaskan harvest is sitting about 62 percent of the forecast, and 26 percent of last year's harvest - while Russia is sitting about 40 percent of the forecast, and 18 percent of last year's harvest.

China Raw Materials Update: Pink & Chum Salmon Supply Short

Processing plants in China believe Chum and Pink pricing will be held at high levels for a while and start going up in November as demand from EU and North America picks back up.

Current raw materials pricing is $1.90-$2.00/lb US for Russian Pinks and $2.10 for Alaskan.

Russian Chum pricing is not available yet (as the landings are so bad), and Alaskan Chum are around $2.90-$3.10/lb US.


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And just a quick note on Sockeye, on top of Alaska's record breaking 73 million Sockeye Harvest, Russia's Sockeye harvest of over 31,000 metric tonnes has already surpassed this year's forecast and last year's harvest.

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