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EP 603 | AIRED 08/22/2022

How Much Flounder/Sole Remains to be Caught and Distributed to Domestic & Global Markets

Aug 22nd, 2022 - Alaska's Flounder/Sole "B" Season is to start up in a couple weeks and the word out of China is that Alaskan boats want to raise their price for raw materials to $2000 per metric ton USD for M size (or $0.90/lb USD).

Some processing plants in China may not accept a higher price as it's being said they may have enough supply to support production through December.

Inside trade data shows that in June alone, about 12,000 metric tons (or 26.5 million pounds) of Flounder and Sole was exported to China from Alaska - and that supply is expected to arrive this month.

This same trade data shows global exports of Flounder and Sole totalling 60,000 metric tons by the end of June.

How Much Sole/Flounder Remains?

Although Alaska's Total Allowable Catch across all Sole species is an astounding 428,000 metric tons, actual harvest in recent years typically reaches about 170,000 every year (with the exception of 2021).

With current harvest totals around 121,000 metric tons, this leaves about 49,000 metric tons remaining to be caught in Alaska, then distributed to domestic and global markets.


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Our advice to North American buyers is to book some products for production now before pricing goes up again.

Prices will undoubtedly go up entering Q4 as production ramps up for Christmas, Chinese New Year, and Lent.

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