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EP 604 | AIRED 08/29/2022

Global Chum Salmon Harvest Poor; Plan for Requirements Now

Aug 29th, 2022 - At a global level Chum salmon harvest are looking fairly poor to date.

In Alaska, although Keta salmon harvest are considered up in most major areas, they are now flat compared to 2021 (year-to-date), and the Yukon River is seeing year number 2 of plummeted Chum counts.

In British Columbia, Canada, although Sockeye returns are actually coming in better than the preseason forecast, Chum salmon are looking fairly poor to date.

According to B.C. Salmon veteran Greg Taylor, states "There's not a lot of information on wild chums anywhere, but what information we do have doesn't look great, especially in the central coast area. And it's much too early to say anything about chums to the south coast as they return in the fall."

Chum Salmon

(And just a quick note on B.C.'s strong Sockeye returns this year) - that returns look good with the exception of the Fraser River.

For the Fraser, although the Early Stuart sockeye came in really well, late summer run Fraser river Sockeye are coming in well below forecast.


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In Russia just over 30 percent of the 90,000 metric ton Chum Salmon forecast has been harvested with the season already towards the tail end.

Last year Russia harvested 75.5 thousand metric tons of Chum from 23.8 million fish.

Washington and Japan's Fall Chum fishing will be next up after the summer.

Japan has consistently harvested over 17 million Chum in the previous 3 years while Washington state has seen 3 years of consistently low landings of Chum running from 288,000 to 355,000 fish.

Chum Salmon

Our recommendation if you're looking for Chums is to get your bookings in now and plan for requirements for the remainder of the year.

Keep tuned into our newly formatted 3-Minute Market Insight for further in-season updates on the Chum Market.

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