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EP 610 | AIRED 10/10/2022

Pacific Halibut: Good Harvest, Elusive Demand, Steady Pricing

Oct 10th, 2022 - Good Harvest, Elusive Demand, and Steady Pricing can essentially sum up the Halibut market right now.

Single frozen Alaskan Halibut H&G and Fletches are currently available in significant quantities.

Pricing has remained steady since our last Halibut report in July - about $11/lb USD for USA production Alaskan Headed and Gutted and about $21/lb for Alaskan fletches.

Just for comparison Atlantic Halibut Fletches are hovering around the $15 mark for 1-3, 3-5, and 5-7 pound.

On the harvest side, 21.5 million pounds of Pacific Halibut have been harvested since the start of the season in March.

Pacific Halibut: Good Harvest, Elusive Demand, Steady Pricing

The pace of this year’s harvest is just slightly ahead of the same time last year.

This year’s season ends on December the 6th and 11.6 million pounds of the fishery limit remains to be harvested.

The Fishery almost always harvests over 90 percent of the limit.


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Our recommendation is to follow the Pacific Halibut market closely as the market adjusts to quarter-4 holiday season consumption.

Keep checking our TradexLIVE marketplace or ask your Tradex Foods Rep daily for updates on Halibut pricing.

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