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EP 615 | AIRED 11/14/2022

Another Bad Year for Puget Sound Chum Salmon

Nov 14th, 2022 - It’s looking like another bad year for the Puget Sound Chum Salmon fishery in Washington state as Wild Pacific Salmon stocks (from British Columbia Canada and downwards) continue struggling to make a comeback.

Preseason run size forecasts for this year’s Puget Sound Chum were for about 524,000 fish - which is similar to 2021, but also down considerably from 762,000 forecasted in 2020.

Chum Salmon harvest out of Washington continues to struggle resulting in a statewide harvest in 2021 of only 1,240 metric tonnes from 350,000 fish.

Statewide harvest has been on the decline since 2017’s 6,300 metric tonne harvest from 1.4 million fish.

Puget Sound Chum Salmon

Market conditions for Chum Salmon right now do however feel a little bit different than the past few years.

It seems as though the market “might” be at a lower price than was expected - which is a stark contrast from since the start of the pandemic where demand has been high, and inventories scarce for 2 years straight.

High energy cost and inflation in the EU, coming off the back of a great Alaska Salmon season, and slower production in China, are all (but not limited to) possible contributing factors.


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Our recommendation is that if you have any need for Chum Salmon at all in the future, now might be the opportune time to secure some.

Puget Sound Chum Salmon

Chum Salmon fishing in Puget Sound runs from October to November so after that, the market will dictate the price on any frozen inventories that may (or may not be) available heading into Chinese New Year/Lent production.

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