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EP 618 | AIRED 12/05/2022

Dungeness Crab: How Much will there be for the Holiday Season?

Dec 5th, 2022 - (At the time of reporting), British Columbia Canada is the only major Commercial Dungeness Crab fishery open right now.

Two major Crab fisheries in B.C. that are open through the holiday season brought in over 14.5 million pounds of Dungeness last year.

Alaska just wrapped up its fall fishery on November 30th harvesting about 1.9 million pounds of Dungeness for the global markets.

As for Washington, Oregon, and California - Dungeness Crab openings for these fisheries have all been delayed due to a combination of Low Meat Fill, elevated levels of Domoic Acid, and Whale Entanglement Risk.

Dungeness Crab Fishery Opening Delays Closures - Alaska, B.C., Washington, Oregon, California

Mid-December seems to be the common timeline for when these states will release another update on whether their seasons will open "Before", or "After", the holiday season.

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Global Dungeness Harvest totals this year is estimated to be around 69 million pounds - this is 27 percent higher than 2021, but 4 percent less than 2020.

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Global Dungeness Harvest totals for 2022 is estimated at around 69 million pounds - this is 27 percent higher than 2021, but 4 percent less than 2020.

Dungeness Crab Catch Data - Alaska, B.C., Washington, Oregon, California

Both Canada and Washington had another great season where Washington saw a harvest of over 5 million pounds MORE than the previous year.

For Oregon, although last season opened without delays and saw over 17 million pounds harvested, the industry is cautiously optimistic for a landings year on par with the last.

California's landings bounced-back in 2022 from a record low landings year in 2021 that saw only 3.7 million pounds harvested.

Wholesale Dungeness Crab Prices - 2021 & 2022

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