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EP 625 | AIRED 01/30/2023

Haddock Gaining Popularity Over Cod with More Competitive Pricing

Jan 30th, 2023 - Keep a pulse (or make your moves) on Haddock as it gains popularity with a price point that is more competitive than Cod right now.

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--- As Lent is set to start February 22, Haddock is a versatile and familiar product with a great price point for the Lenten season.

For value-added products already in North American hubs, pricing on twice frozen Haddock Fillets can be seen in the high four to low five dollar range, while single frozen is around the high six to mid seven dollar range.

Pricing for Haddock raw materials in China before Chinese New Year had Russian fish priced at $3600 to $3700 per metric tonne USD (or $1.65/lb USD).

Haddock Pricing

Processing plants in China are currently closed for Chinese New Year but it’s anyone’s guess what staffing levels will look like when they reopen over the first few weeks of February.

Our recommendation is to connect with a Tradex Foods business rep today to get going on a Haddock Program.

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Haddock is harvested in Northern waters globally where Norway, Russia, and Iceland are the largest harvesters.

In 2022, the joint Norwegian Russia Haddock fishery harvested around 84,000 metric tonnes (down 11 percent from the 5-year average).

Iceland harvested about 57,000 metric tonnes in 2022 - inline with the 5-year average.

Haddock Catch Data

Lent runs from Feb 22nd to April 6th 2023.
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