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EP 627 | AIRED 02/13/2023

Alaska "A Season" Pacific Cod & Pollock Update: Catches Ramping Up

Feb 13th, 2023 - Alaska's "A Season" got underway in January and Pacific Cod and Pollock catches are starting to ramp up.

The pace of the fishing is similar to last year with Pollock landings now currently over 100,000 metric tonnes and should be well over 200,000 by the end of February.

Alaska Pollock had its Total Allowable Catch bumped back up to 1.45 million metric tonnes for 2023 after seeing a 19 percent drop in 2022.

UB pricing is showing 2x frozen Pollock Fillets out of China lower, and 1x Alaskan Pollock Fillets higher than this time last year.

For Pacific Cod, current UB pricing is showing 1x frozen Alaskan Cod Fillets up from the same time last year.

Alaska Pacific Cod & Pollock Landings

While the market may be slightly higher, current Pollock & Pacific Cod offers on the TradexLIVE Seafood Offers Portal can be seen hovering slightly under.

Check-in with your Tradex Foods Rep for more specific pricing.

Alaska's Pacific Cod saw a small three-and-a-half percent reduction in Total Allowable Catch this year, however the pace of fishing is similar with about 25,000 metric tonnes harvested to date.

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Pollock fishing in Alaska goes hard until about April, then picks back up in July/August as the Summer Salmon Season tapers off.

For comparison, the 2023 Russian Pollock Total Allowable Catch is 2.059 million metric tonnes - and 1.895 million metric tonnes was harvested in 2022.

Pacific Cod Price Matrix

Russia harvested 133,000 metric tonnes of Pacific Cod out of a Total Allowable Catch of 186,000 metric tonnes in 2022.

Russia Pacific Cod & Pollock Landings

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