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EP 630 | AIRED 03/06/2023

2023 Pink Shrimp Forecast (Pandalus jordani); High Value, Lowest Price/LB since 2010

Mar 6th, 2023 - Between 34 and 38 million pounds of Pink Shrimp are predicted to be harvested in this year’s Oregon Pandalus jordani season which will run from April to October.

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Over 65 million pounds were harvested in total from Washington and Oregon fisheries last year making it a third consecutive high landings season in recent years.

But although Shrimp abundance was high, market demand seemed low.

Ex-vessel price per pound in Oregon was the lowest since 2010 at 46 cents per pound U.S. dollar.

Environmental Data & Sampling Data

When lined up on a chart, there does seem to be some correlation between high landing years and lower prices per pound, and low landing years and higher prices per pound.
Supply and demand will ultimately determine prices throughout 2023 while policy makers continue their work managing inflation and a recession.

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Shrimp is a lean source of protein with a mild flavour which is perfect for today’s health minded consumers - all while being value priced, made in America, and planet friendly as Oregon and Washington fisheries are MSC Certified.

2022 Pink Shrimp Season

There has been a healthy supply of new and previous season inventory in recent years so if you are looking for solid reliability, we recommend developing a West Coast Pink Shrimp program.

In 2023, age 1 and 2 year class Shrimp are expected to be strong components of catch meaning lots of small to midsize Shrimp.

Catch Data Pink Shrimp

Lent runs from Feb 22nd to April 6th 2023.
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