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EP 636 | AIRED 04/17/2023

Pacific Cod, Pollock, and Halibut Update

Apr 17th, 2023 - The pace of Cod landings in Alaska are inline with previous years at about 80,000 metric tonnes - we’ll likely see another 20,000 trickle-in by June as the season takes a breather.

Landings should ramp back up in July where we forecast an additional 50,000 landed by year’s end as the fishery typically achieves 90 percent of the total allowable catch.

For Pollock, about 100,000 metric tonnes MORE has been harvested in Alaska this year than the same period last year.

Landings should slow down now as the Pollock “A” season stops, but will ramp back up in June for the “B” season.

We forecast about 700,000 metric tonnes of Alaska Pollock remain to be harvested between June to year’s end with Alaska Pollock’s Total Allowable Catch 14 percent higher than last year

Cod, Pollock, Halibut

Our recommendation is to secure inventory for your Pollock requirements.

We may see some pressure on price depending on the availability in the market as affordable whitefish options increase in popularity across all market segments.

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And although the Russian Pollock fishery looks to be having a great year, it’s still very tough to navigate if and how much Russian origin Pollock actually makes its way into the United States.

For Halibut, between 5 to 8 percent of the Pacific Halibut fishery limits have been harvested since the fishery opened March 10th.

Cod, Pollock, Halibut

Fresh Halibut prices were high again out of the gates with retail prices seen at around $30 a pound U.S. in the Seattle area.

Although one retailer could be seen running a limited time sale on Fresh Alaskan Halibut Fillets for $17 per pound, this could have been a loss leader grocery store pricing strategy.

New season frozen Halibut should hit the market around May.

Cod, Pollock, Halibut

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