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EP 652 | AIRED 08/07/2023

2023 Summer Salmon Update: Pink Salmon

Aug 7th, 2023 - Global Pink Salmon output for 2023 could see a NEW all-time-high as new data out of Russia recorded unusually high abundance and biomass of Pink Salmon in the Sea of Okhotsk.

Pink Salmon harvest out of Russia could now reach up to 550,000 metric tonnes which is almost 50 percent higher than the preseason forecast.

Latest Salmon catch totals in the Far East have now exceeded 400,000 metric tonnes with Pinks already surpassing the preseason forecast with over 380,000 tons harvested.

With Alaska's Pink Salmon forecast of 122 million fish, global Pink Salmon harvest this year could be estimated at a record breaking 749,000 metric tonnes.

This would beat out the last all-time-high of 650,000 metric tonnes of Pink Salmon during that last odd-year in 2021.

Higher harvest years typically mean smaller fish and as such, Russian Pinks are averaging 500 grams - majority is 1-2 lbs whole round, and 2-4's are very rare.

2023 Summer Salmon Update: Pink Salmon

Alaskan Pinks are typically bigger and are averaging around 3 lbs this year.

Although prices for Russian Pinks have fallen since a short spike at the beginning of the season, we may be at the bottom of any price corrections as prices right now for most seafood across the board are very good, and demand seems to be picking up.

However, Russian pinks could jeopardize that.


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Our recommendation on Pink Salmon is to start your purchasing plan.

The enormous amount of Pinks anticipated out of Russia this year could lead to quality concerns further down with less male labor and too much volume to produce.

Russia is still fighting in a war which could lower processing capabilities for such a large amount of fish.

2023 Summer Salmon Update: Pink Salmon

Further political and logistical complications could arise affecting quality as well.

Keep tuned-in to our reports as we continue to closely follow the Summer Salmon Season.

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