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EP 670 | AIRED 12/11/2023

West Coast Pink Shrimp Update: Record Low Prices, Harvest Trends & Future Outlook

Dec 11th, 2023 - Despite a good harvest season, average ex-vessel pricing hovered around the low $0.40 per pound mark throughout the year which is the lowest in a decade, and could also be one of the lowest on record.

Both Oregon and Washington reported reduced fishing efforts, evident in the decreased number of landings and vessels participating in this year's fishery.

This trend was influenced by several factors, including low shrimp prices, rising fuel costs, and the increased distances required to find shrimp, leading to diminished enthusiasm among fishermen and an early drop-out of boats.

Preliminary data from Washington indicates a harvest of approximately 14 million pounds of Pink Shrimp, a 43% decrease from the 24.4 million pounds harvested last year. In Oregon, the harvest remained robust at 42 million pounds.

Total landings from both states this year amounted to around 56 million pounds, which is in line with the ten-year average, but represents a decrease of about 9 million pounds from the previous year's total.

Pink Shrimp Update

Despite this year's harvest levels comparable to those of previous years, the pulse is that inventory in the freezers may not be exhibiting the large surplus situation as the market observed in the past few years.

Pricing between this year and last year on Cooked and Peeled Shrimp has not moved much from the $5.50/lb range for 250/350 count.


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Looking ahead, the potential development of Strong El Niño ocean conditions in the next season could impact harvest levels next year. The last time a Strong El Niño occurred was during the 2015 season where 94.7 million pounds of Shrimp were harvested.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife should have their crystal ball prediction for next season in February. The next West Coast Pink Shrimp season will start in April 2024, and will run until October 2024.

Pink Shrimp Update

Our recommendation is to secure your Pink Shrimp requirements now.

Notably, West Coast Pink Shrimp are MSC Certified, Once Frozen, offering a lean protein source that aligns well with the health priorities of modern consumers.

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