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EP 680 | AIRED 03/04/2024

Post-CNY: China Update for Atlantic Cod, Pollock, Haddock - Pricing & Harvest Data

March 4th, 2024 - As the world’s economic powerhouse gets going again from Chinese New Year closures, market pricing for key seafood products has seen notable adjustments.

For Pollock, Russian boats are rejecting all offers from China processing plants below $900 per metric tonne USD - current pricing is around $950 for Russian fish.

Around this same time last year Pollock pricing was around $1300 per metric tonne (or about $0.60/lb USD).

For Atlantic Cod, Norway trawl frozen-at-sea raw materials have gone up to around $5500 per metric tonne - about $1000 more than around a month ago.

Note that this price may not be the ceiling yet as around this time last year, Norwegian FAS got up to $6200 per metric tonnes.

For Haddock, pricing has gone up as well from $2000 back in December to over $2800 per metric tonne now for Norwegian Trawl FAS.

Post-CNY: China Update for Atlantic Cod, Pollock, and Haddock

On the catch side, the Pollock harvest in Alaska has significantly increased in recent weeks, with almost 300,000 landed, reaching a pace that closely mirrors, yet still slightly trails, that of the previous year.

Meanwhile, as highlighted in last week's update, Russia's Pollock catch has achieved approximately 500,000 metric tons.

It’s being reported that the pollock caught in the Gulf of Alaska for single frozen fillets is yielding mostly 4oz size fillets. These would be most suitable for 2-4oz production, and not for 4-6oz or 6-8oz.


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It is recommended to be proactive on 4-6oz and 6-8oz needs for the A season with available 2023B inventory.

For Atlantic Cod, the combined current harvest from Iceland, Norway, and Russia is approximately 100,000 metric tons, maintaining a pace similar to last year's.

Despite Norway and Russia facing quota reductions of nearly 100,000 metric tons this year, it is anticipated that total landings will reach around 300,000 metric tons by year-end.

Post-CNY: China Update for Atlantic Cod, Pollock, and Haddock

For Iceland, projections suggest a total of about 200,000 metric tons will be landed by the end of the year.

For Haddock, the current harvest from Iceland, Norway, and Russia stands at approximately 20,000 metric tons.

Projections indicate that total landings from these three regions will reach around 150,000 metric tons by the end of the year.

Post-CNY: China Update for Atlantic Cod, Pollock, and Haddock

Our recommendation is to secure your seafood requirements now.

With Russian-origin seafood banned from the U.S., and still room for pricing to trend upwards, it is advantageous to act now to mitigate the risk of future cost increases and to ensure inventory.

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