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EP 687 | AIRED 04/22/2024

2024 Preseason Alaska Sockeye Insight

April 22nd, 2024 - The 2024 Bristol Bay inshore sockeye salmon run is forecasted to be approximately 37.9 million fish - which would potentially make it one of the smallest Sockeye returns in a decade.

Given that Bristol Bay is typically responsible for between 70 to 80 percent of total Alaska sockeye harvest, our prediction is that this year’s total statewide sockeye harvest could land somewhere around 30 million fish - which would also make it one of the lowest sockeye harvest in Alaska in over a decade.

At the time of reporting, although the Alaska Department of Fish and Game have not yet released their Run Forecasts and Harvest Projections for 2024 Alaska Salmon Fisheries report, it is safe to assume that this year’s total Alaskan salmon harvest will be lower than last year due to the odd vs even year dynamic.

Last year’s total Alaska salmon harvest reached 230 million, compared to 160 million in the previous even-numbered year. The last time an even-year sockeye harvest was around 30 million fish was in 2012, when the statewide salmon total was 127 million fish.

2024 Preseason Alaska Sockeye Insight

For comparison, Russia harvests around 16 million sockeye annually but it is important to note that reprocessed salmon of Russian origin continues to be banned from entering the USA.

As for supply, North America has limited leftover Sockeye H&G, with some availability in the 6-9lb range but almost none in the 2-4 or 4-6 sizes, and with several Alaskan plants planning to reduce production of 1x frozen sockeye fillets this year, 1x frozen IVP fillets are expected to be scarce and more expensive.

Our recommendation is to develop a clear picture of your salmon requirements within the next few weeks, and then to communicate that to your supplier.

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It is important to know the ideal sizing and volumes you require.

There will not be an over abundance of sockeye availability this year. Depending on where pricing opens, you may want to purchase as much as you are going to need to get you through the year.

2024 Preseason Alaska Sockeye Insight

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