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EP 688 | AIRED 04/29/2024

2024 Alaska Summer Salmon Forecast and Expectations

April 29th, 2024 - The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has just unveiled the 2024 Salmon Forecast report, predicting a total 2024 Alaska commercial salmon harvest of approximately 135.7 million fish.

This forecast signifies a significant decline from last year’s impressive harvest of 232 million fish. It is 15 percent less than the last even-numbered year’s forecast, but aligns with the levels from 2020.

Sockeye salmon, one of the most commercially valuable species, is expected to see a decrease in harvest compared to previous years.

The harvest of pink salmon is expected to dramatically decrease from 2023. However, this reduction reflects the species' natural biennial population fluctuations, which typically show larger harvests in odd-numbered years.

2024 Alaska Salmon Forecast

The forecast for chum salmon shows a significant increase over last year’s numbers. If this forecast is realized, it will be the highest chum salmon harvest since 2017, representing an increase of 34 percent over the last 5-year average.

Alaska’s Summer Salmon harvest typically gets going late June with Chum, Sockeye, and Chinook. Then in July, Pink and Coho harvest ramp up.

Although summer may seem distant, it's approaching quickly, and we are gaining more confidence in saying that the Salmon market will be competitive this year.

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Recall the supply situation last year when you were looking for salmon, however this year, there will be less Wild Salmon, and for the US market in particular, there will be less access to Wild Salmon as Russian-origin salmon is banned from entering the USA.

As such, we anticipate price pressures as the season progresses.

Our recommendation continues to be that you develop a clear picture of your salmon requirements within the next few weeks, and then communicate that to your supplier.

2024 Alaska Salmon Forecast

It is important to know the ideal sizing and volumes you require.

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