92%of all raw materials use in the production of SINBAD products in 2017 were sourced from sustainable fisheries.

We use guidance from Seafood Watch, Ocean Wise and the Marine Stewardship Council to determine the sustainability status of our raw materials - and then input their data into our internal rating system to arrive at a rating out of 100.

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Yellowtail Flounder - Overview

Scientific Name: Limanda ferruginea; a member of the Soleidae Family

US Market Names: Sole, Flounder

Canada Market Names: Yellowtail Flounder, Yellowtail, Sole, Rusty Dab, Flounder, Dab

Flesh & Flavour: Sole & Flounder flesh is lean - creamy white and offers a very thin fillet. When cooked - the flesh is flakey and has a mild flavour.