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Quality Alert: Untrimmed Tilapia Actually Cost you More Money

You’re a seafood buyer and you get emailed a offer for Tilapia Fillets. The email offer might look something like this…

Great looking Tilapia fillets right? At first glance yes, however upon further inspection and some calculations this offer might not be as good as you thought it might be.

What's the Problem:
The Tilapia fillets in the offer are untrimmed

Why is this a Problem?:
Untrimmed parts of a fillet are considered to be "useless". If you were to give this product to a chef of a restaurant they would have to manually trim the edges. Untrimmed parts of the fish translate into approximately 5% of the fillet

What does this mean?:
Essentially you are paying for weight that you are going to trim off and toss in the garbage.

...Let's take a look at this scenario.

Product 1: Untrimmed Fillets - $2.65/lb, 100% Net Weight, 10LB Box, Untrimmed Weight = 5% of Fillet

Product 2: Trimmed Fillets - $2.70/lb, 100% Net Weight, 10LB Box

...Now for some Calculations.

Unusable Product per Box
Based on the calculation that approximately 5% of the product is unusable
[calculate] .05 × 10 = 0.5
[result] the unusable product per box = 0.5 LBS

Usable Product per Box
Since 0.5 LBS of every 10 LB box is unusable
[calculate] 10 - 0.5 = 9.5
[result] the usable product per box = 9.5 LBS

New Price per Pound
You paid $2.65/LB and actually got 9.5LBS of usable product
[calculate] 2.65 ÷ 9.5 = 0.278
[result] the new price paid is $2.78/LB

[Conclusion] Based on paying $2.65/LB for a 10LB Box and only getting 9.5LBS or unusable product you are essentially paying $2.78/LB instead. This new price doesn't reflect the extra prep time the Chef will have to spend manually trimming the fillets.

When you buy our SINBAD branded Tilapia you can rest assured that you are getting the best product on the market. Our SINBAD Tilapia is Well Trimmed, 100% Net Weight and undergoes our “Industry Best” 7-Step Quality Control Process.

Umtrimmed Tilapia

Normal Trimmed Tilapia

Well Trimmed Tilapia