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  • Scientific Name: Ophiodon elongatus
  • US Market Name(s): Lingcod
  • Canada Market Name(s): Lingcod

Culinary Profile

Lingcod flesh offers a moderate oil content – firm texture - delicate flake and mild flavour. When raw - flesh is tinted green. When cooked - flesh becomes pale white.


Contrary to popular belief - Lingcod is not actually a true Cod species - it is a fish in the Greenling family. Lingcod generally weigh between 40 and 60 pounds.


Lingcod find their home on the continental shelf in the North Pacific Ocean. Juvenile Lingcod are pelagic - meaning that they reside in the top layer of the ocean. Adult fish move to rocky areas at depths ranging between 32 – 320 feet. Lingcod populations range from Mexico to the Gulf of Alaska with the most abundant populations residing off the coast of Washington and British Columbia.

Fishing Season

Sustainability Status

Lingcod populations were once subject to overfishing. Today - populations have been recovered and populations off the coast of Canada and the US are considered healthy. In Alaska - no accurate abundance estimates are available.

Fishy Fact: Though not closely related to either Ling or Cod - the name “Lingcod” originated because it somewhat resembles those species of fish.


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