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  • Scientific Name: Pollachius virens
  • US Market Name(s): Pollock
  • Canada Market Name(s): Saithe, Pollock, Coalfish, Boston Bluefish, Big-Eye

Culinary Profile

Saithe flesh is moderately oily, dull-white in colour and brightens when cooked. It has a moderately firm texture and a medium-strong flavour.


Saithe is a popular whitefish often used as an alternative to Cod and Haddock - although deemed inferior. Similar to Pollock - Saithe range in colour from greenish brown to almost black along their backs and sides and have a white belly. Saithe is easily distinguished from Pollock by the pale lateral line that runs the entire length of their body. Saithe usually weigh about 15 pounds - but can sometimes grow to be over 20 pounds.


Saithe can be caught in the Eastern North Atlantic Ocean - ranging from the North Sea to the Faroe Islands to Northern Iceland. They are an important commercial species to both Norway and Iceland. Saithe reside both on the bottom of the ocean and in pelagic waters at depths of 0 -1,000 feet.

Fishing Season

Sustainability Status

Saithe population levels in the North Sea are considered healthy and no overfishing is occurring. The most common method of catch for this species is bottom trawling which has considerable bycatch and habitat degradation concerns. Properly managed gill and seine net fisheries are considered more environmentally friendly.

Fishy Fact: Saithe is a popular food item in Germany - where it is popular salted or smoked.


Available as Value Added, Commodity, Custom Packing.