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Scallops: Bay


  • Scientific Name: Argopecten irradians
  • US Market Name(s): Bay Scallop, Scallop
  • Canada Market Name(s): Bay Scallop

Culinary Profile

Bay Scallops are small - sweet and flavourful and considered to be the tastiest Scallop to eat. The plump and slightly firm meat is a vanilla white colour when raw and turns opaque when cooked.


Bay Scallops - a bivalve mollusk - are less plentiful than other types of Scallops and are therefore more expensive. Bay Scallops are the smallest of all Scallop varieties - a pound of Bay Scallops may yield as many as 90 individual Scallops.


Bay Scallops are just one of many Scallop species found worldwide. They are typically found at low tide tangled in eelgrass or jumping in tidal pools. This species is native to the Northwest Atlantic Ocean - ranging from the coast of Maine down to Florida.

Fishing Season

Sustainability Status

Depending on region - wild Bay Scallop populations in the US are either depleted or healthy. Management practices have been implemented across the US to monitor and rebuild stocks. The common method of catch – dredging - has considerable bycatch and habitat degradation concerns. Farmed Bay Scallops from China are ranked as a “Best Choice” by various reputable environmental organizations.

Fishy Fact: The part of the Scallop generally eaten in North America is the abductor muscle – a cylindrical piece of white meat that holds the two shells together.


Available as Value Added, Commodity, Custom Packing.