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Scallops: Sea


  • Scientific Name: Placopecten magellanicus
  • US Market Name(s): Sea Scallop
  • Canada Market Name(s): Sea Scallop, Giant Scallop

Culinary Profile

Sea Scallops have a mild - sweet flavour and can sometimes taste a bit salty. The plump and slightly firm meat is a vanilla white colour when raw and turns opaque when cooked.


Although less flavourful than Bay Scallops - Sea Scallops are more plentiful and therefore are the type of Scallop most often found in stores and on restaurant menus. Sea Scallops are larger than Bay Scallops - a pound of Sea Scallops yields about 20 – 30 Scallops.


Sea Scallops are just one of many Scallop species found worldwide. Sea Scallops form dense aggregations called “beds” on the ocean floor at depths of 59 – 360 feet. This species is native to the Northwest Atlantic Ocean - ranging from Newfoundland to North Carolina. The majority of Sea Scallops are caught in Georges Bank, Maine.

Fishing Season

Sustainability Status

Sea Scallop populations in Northeast regions are considered healthy and overfishing is not occurring. Conversely - populations in the Mid-Atlantic region are overfished. Management practices have been implemented in the Eastern United States and in Canada to monitor - evaluate - and when necessary to rebuild stocks. The common method of catch – dredging - has considerable bycatch and habitat degradation concerns.

Fishy Fact: The part of the Scallop generally eaten in North America is the abductor muscle – a cylindrical piece of white meat that holds the two shells together.


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