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Shrimp - Coldwater: Pink


  • Scientific Name: Pandalus jordani (Pacific species), Pandalus borealis (Atlantic species)
  • US Market Name(s): Ocean Shrimp
  • Canada Market Name(s): Shrimp, Prawn, Ocean Shrimp

Culinary Profile

Pink Shrimp offer a clean - very sweet flavour and have a firm texture. Pink Shrimp maintain the same light pink colour - whether raw or cooked.


Pandalus borealis and Pandalus jordani are cold-water crustaceans. The Shrimp’s head contains all vital organs, including the antennae. Along the abdomen - or tail - is the intestine and ten periopods – or walking legs - and ten pleopods – or swimming legs. These allow the Shrimp to walk along the seafloor or swim forwards and backwards. Pink Shrimp typically have a dark coloured spot on each side between the third and fourth abdominal segments. Female Pink Shrimp are often larger than males and can grow to be over 8 inches long.


Pandalus jordani is a Pacific Ocean species and ranges from Oregon to the Bering Sea in the Eastern Pacific and Japan in the Western Pacific Ocean. Pandalus borealis - is an Atlantic Ocean species and ranges from Canada and the US's northeastern seaboard to Greenland, Iceland and the North Sea.

Fishing Season

Sustainability Status

Shrimp are highly resilient to overfishing because they have a short lifespan - are fast growers and produce many young. The trawling gear used to catch Pink Shrimp is designed not to touch the seafloor and there are little bycatch concerns. Pink Shrimp fisheries are well monitored and management practices are comprehensive.

Fishy Fact: Oregon Pink Shrimp was the first Shrimp in the world to be certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council.


Available as Value Added, Commodity, Custom Packing.