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Tuna: Albacore


  • Scientific Name: Thunnus alalunga
  • US Market Name(s): Tuna
  • Canada Market Name(s): Albacore Tuna, Tuna

Culinary Profile

Albacore Tuna flesh is lean, pinkish-white and slightly firm - offering a delicate texture. The flavour is very mild and is often compared to chicken.


Albacore Tuna are metallic dark blue in colour with silvery-white markings along their sides and bellies. Their pectoral fins are extremely long - sometimes up to half the length of their body. Albacore Tuna can grow to be 80 pounds.


Albacore Tuna is a highly migratory species that can be found in most of the worlds’ oceans. This fish is predominantly harvested off the west coast of North America - ranging from California to the Haida Gwaii Islands in British Columbia. Albacore can also be found near Hawaii, off the east coast of Japan, in the South Pacific Ocean and on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Atlantic Albacore Tuna represent less than 1% of US commercial Tuna fisheries.

Fishing Season

Sustainability Status

Albacore Tuna are resistant to fishing pressures - yet stock levels have moderate conservation concerns worldwide. US and Canadian Pacific fisheries are well-managed and there are few bycatch and habitat degradation concerns. North Atlantic Albacore Tuna populations are low due to international overfishing.

Fishy Fact: Albacore Tuna travel in schools so large - they can span 19 miles wide.


Available as Value Added, Commodity, Custom Packing.