EP 181 | AIRED 05/05/2014

Halibut Prices on the Rise, Trade Sanctions could Tighten up the Salmon Market

May 5th, 2014 - Welcome to The Tradex Foods "3-Minute Market Insight" This week in the Tradex Foods 3-Minute Market Insight, Rob Reierson discusses 2014 Pacific Halibut Catch is up 131,000 lbs. & Prices are more than a Dollar more than this time last year

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3-Minute Market Insight - Halibut Prices on the Rise, Trade Sanctions could Tighten up the Salmon Market Pacific Halibut prices are up by more than a dollar over this time last year even though the 2014 Pacific Halibut quota was reduced by 11.2%, Catch Totals are up 131,000 LBS vs this time 2013 Higher Halibut Pricing appears to be that the Fresh Halibut Market continues to move and be in demand If Halibut does not have to go into Commercial Freezers, the Market will continue to show Strength by now Halibut Pricing would have settled back down & next Halibut Price Jump would happen when boats harvest Salmon 10/20 Halibut in Market around $7.20-$7.50/lb Price Seattle Frozen we have Heard that Halibut Fresh Dock Prices were about $6.50 per pound Alaska recent Political activity in Russia & Ukraine is "CAUSE for SPECULATION" on Russian Salmon Exports into USA US & EU have Imposed Sanctions on Russian Gov & Business Entities which could have Strong Effects on Import/Export USA/Russia Trade Sanctions could "Tighten up the Salmon Market" in USA & Canada #TradeEmbargo if @BarackObama imposes a Trade Embargo we could see same sanctions in Canada if Prime Minister Harper follows suit last year Russian Sockeye Salmon filled a Large amount North American Sockeye Demand at very competitive prices The forecast for 2014 Bristol Bay Sockeye is Poor and Alaskan Salmon Catch is down 2013 Alaska Salmon Catch was over 272 million; ADF&G projects a 2014 Harvest of 132 million due to the Off Pink year 2014 Fraser River Salmon forecasts expected to reach 72 Million Fish which will surpass the record setting 2010 year 2014 Salmon Season could be a very interesting year with Russia/USA Political Issues, this Salmon Season will be interesting w/ Russia/USA Political Issues, High Fraser River Forecast, Low Alaska Harvest


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