85%of all raw materials used in the production of SINBAD products in 2016 were sourced from sustainable fisheries.

We use guidance from Seafood Watch, Ocean Wise and the Marine Stewardship Council to determine the sustainability status of our raw materials - and then input their data into our internal rating system to arrive at a rating out of 100.

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3-Minute Market Insight

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President & CEO Robert Reierson and Seafood News Producer Kyla Ganton hosts this Monday Morning Pulse Report for Seafood Purchasers & Industry. The 3-Minute Market Insight is the MOST WATCHED Seafood News Video Series in the Industry and reports on Current & Future market conditions for various species as well as breaking news industry topics.

[03-27-2017] - It’s Not a Good Year for Vietnamese Swai Producers - Here’s Why...
[03-20-2017] - What’s Happening in the Salmon Market - Here’s What We Know…
[03-13-2017] - Cod: Single Frozen Pricing Strong, Twice Frozen Market Short, Prepare for Price Increases
[03-06-2017] - Sole Offers Extremely Limited, Strong Demand, What Buyers Should Know
[02-27-2017] - The Shrimp Market: Declines & Reductions, Ripple Effects, Softening Market, Moderate Volumes
[02-20-2017] - Atlantic Salmon Prices Soar and Inventories are set to get Worse - What Should You Do?
[02-13-2017] - Alaska Boats Not Dropping Nets for Cod, Sticker Shock Pricing, Inventories Drying Up
[02-06-2017] - 2017 “A” Season Pollock Fishery Closed in some Areas - What’s Next?
[01-30-2017] - 2017 Halibut Quota Released, We Get an Exclusive with the Halibut Commission
[01-23-2017] - Sockeye Pricing Remains Firm During Low Salmon Inventories - What to Expect in the Upcoming Weeks
[01-16-2017] - Pollock “A” Season to Begin - What Pricing and Trends Should You Expect To See
[01-09-2017] - Pacific Cod Fishery Now Underway, This is the Market Info You Need to Know
[01-02-2017] - Where Are All The Salmon Inventories?