EP 271 | AIRED 02/15/2016

Small Fish Recurrent Theme for Alaska Pollock; Canadian Snow Crab Prices Peak

February 15, 2016 - Welcome to The Tradex Foods "3-Minute Market Insight This is Robert Reierson and here is the seafood news for the week of February 15th, 2016.

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--- It's been a slow start for Pollock fishermen across the Gulf of Alaska and the Bering Sea. Small fish seem to be a recurrent theme for the Last Frontier, as earlier this month we reported on small H&G Pollock from the Prince William Sound, likely to produce fillets in the 2-4oz range. Reports from the Bering Sea show Pollock landings predominately around 440 grams, which would produce fillets LESS than 2oz. The 2016 Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands Total Allowable Catch is 1.36 million metric tonnes, a meager increase of 3 percent over the 2015 quota. Current pricing on 2-4oz Shatterpack Alaska Pollock fillets from the Bering Sea are at $1.90 / LB in Seattle. Historical pricing on the 2-4s show a price dip in the fall as vendors cleared out earlier season's inventories, with prices trending upwards since December. For larger size fillets, like the 4-6oz and above, we have yet to see any "A" Season offers and there are no remaining 2015 inventories to be found. Also of note, a large Pollock processor in the Bering Sea informed us that only 20 percent of the landings have been Female. The females that have been harvested are extremely small, which is troubling news for the Roe Market ahead. We will keep you informed as we find out more. ---Our TradexLIVE offer of the week is for 2-4oz Shatterpack Pollock Fillets. These are #1 Quality, Single Frozen, Boneless, Skinless, and are Wild Caught in Alaska. We have 20,000 lbs available in Seattle for $1.90 / LB. Click or tap the icon above to view this offer. --- Now over to Kyla for a quick look at Crab. --- The Canadian Snow Crab market is sure catching everyone's eyes as prices continue to creep up. Fishermen are now in agreeance for a 15 to 20 cent per pound increase at the docks, contributing the to rise. Current pricing on 4+oz snow crab clusters in Boston are at $5.05 / LB, with 5-8oz clusters approaching $5.85 / lb. Anything over an 8oz has been difficult to source. Pricing should settle by mid April this year, a predominant East Coast Snow Crab Processor informs us, landing somewhere in the mid to high $4.00 range. The 2015 TAC was 51,000 tonnes, about 2 percent less than in 2014, and fishing began in the first week of April. We spoke to DFO in the Gulf region, who indicated consultations in early March will determine the quota and fishing seasons for 2016. Stay tuned for more updates. Back to you Rob. --- Thanks Kyla. ----Thank you for joining us for the Tradex Foods "3-Minute Market Insight" This is Robert Reierson - “BUY SMART” and “EAT MORE SEAFOOD

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