EP 325 | AIRED 03/06/2017

Sole Offers Extremely Limited, Strong Demand, What Buyers Should Know

March 6, 2017 - Welcome to The Tradex Foods "3-Minute Market Insight" This is Kyla Ganton and here is the seafood news for the week of March 6th, 2017.

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--- Sole offers are extremely limited, leading into the new Alaskan Flatfish Directed Fishery. Directed fishing for Yellowfin Sole and Flathead Sole is open year-round with active fishing typically March to November, and January to April, respectively. To date this year, NOAA reports 10.3 thousand metric tonnes of Rock Sole caught and 15.4 thousand tonnes of Yellowfin from the Bering sea and Aleutian Islands - only 1 percent of this year's quota. West Coast processors advised us they will begin fishing later this week, targeting flatfish and Pacific Cod. Initial pricing for raw materials show an increase of $100 per metric tonne over last season. Buyers should expect to see some product come to market in about 3 weeks with prices predicted to be in the mid $3.40s for 5-8oz skin-on Shatterpack Rock sole fillets and about 20 cents higher for 8-12s. --- On the twice frozen side of the market, Alaskan Sole offers are short. Domestic clearout inventory offers on the East Coast for small fillet sizes are around the $2.20 mark for twice frozen 3-5oz fillets, but availability is less than 10,000 lbs. Bycatch and leftover inventories are driving container pricing right now, with 3-5oz packer brand Yellowfin Sole fillets around $2.20 - $2.30/lb in Los Angeles. Chem free pricing on yellowfin fillets is about 25 cents higher. Buyers should be aware that Alaskan Plaice is often intermingled with Flounder production for low shelf packer labels on the East Coast of the USA - a product that is typically 20 cents cheaper and yields larger fillets. We will see strong demand for Yellowfin Sole and Rock sole in the first half of the year, with European orders picking up by the fall. Once the Alaskan Rock Sole fishery picks up, expect to see twice frozen fillets about 10 cents higher than the promotional pricing we mentioned earlier in this episode. --- To wrap this episode up, our TradexLIVE Offer of the Week is for 1-3lb Sinbad Platinum Sockeye Salmon fillets. These are #1 Quality, 2017 production, Trim C, wild caught on the West Coast for $6.85/lb USD FOB Seattle. click or tap the icon above to view this offer. ----Thank you for joining me for the Tradex Foods "3-Minute Market Insight" This is Kyla Ganton - “BUY SMART” and “EAT MORE SEAFOOD"

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