3-Minute Market Insight
EP 400 | Aired 08/20/2018
Episode #400: Fraser River Sockeye Salmon Back in Action

August 20, 2018 - Today marks the 400th episode of our 3-Minute Market Insight and what a journey it has been. From interviewing Fisheries Scientists, to getting undercover interviews, to interviews at the NOAA Fishers Head Quarters - we get you the seafood...

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SINBAD Sockeye Salmon
--- After the initial opening on August 8th, Gill net fishing in the Fraser was open for Sockeye salmon on Wednesday and Thursday last week.

The Pacific Salmon Commission Fraser River Panel issue weekly reports on the status of the fishery, discussing Sockeye migration and run status.

Observations show good Sockeye migration over the past week, with warmer water temperatures than normal.

According to the Salmon Commission, over 2 million Sockeye are accounted for in the Fraser River.

The pre-season forecasted run size is 13.98 million Sockeye salmon.

The catch-to-date for both Canadian and American waters was over 1.1 million Sockeye in the Fraser river.

--- We spoke about the fishery with a local processor in British Columbia who indicated many of the Sockeye are heading around the outside of Vancouver Island.

Two outcomes of this trend would be a larger Puget Sound fishery and less MSC certified fish available.

British Columbian Sockeye salmon is recognized as MSC, but Sockeye caught in the Puget Sound will not qualify for MSC certification, which often comes with a price premium.

GQ Freight

--- Current pricing on Fraser River headed and gutted Sockeye is in the mid-$4s on 4-6oz, up about 50 cents from the last Sockeye salmon opening in 2014.

Puget Sound salmon pricing on 2-4oz IQF headed and gutted Sockeye is nearly $4.00/lb.

We have seen little to no offers on new season 6-9lb headed and gutted Sockeye salmon, but 2017 inventories are in the high-$4s.

--- Although harvests were slow during last week's opening, Fraser River fisherman are confident in a bountiful Sockeye fishery this year.

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TradexLIVE Offer Of The Week
TradexLIVE Offer Of The Week

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