EP 404 | AIRED 09/17/2018

H&G Sockeye Pricing On The Rise, 1-3LB Sockeye Fillets Supply Will Be Tight

September 17, 2018 - The statewide Alaska Sockeye harvests hit 50 million fish, as reported on the Blue Sheet from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Bristol Bay had a forecasted run size this year of 37.6 million Sockeye and after a successful season there were nearly 42 million fish harvested. On the other hand, in the Copper River, the harvest of only 44.2 thousand fish was the second lowest in the past 50 years...

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2018 Alaska Salmon Commercial Harvest Counter

(Harvest in thousands of fish)

Chinook Chum Coho Pink Sockeye Total
Statewide Totals 223 17,117 3,247 39,420 50,102 110,109

Updated: MON SEP 17 2018 10:35 AM (View Previous Weeks Totals)

--- In the Canadian fishery, it was expected by many that the opening of the Fraser River Sockeye fishery would put downward pressure on the Sockeye market.

SINBAD Atlantic Cod Loins

As of the first week of September, 4.67 million Sockeye had been caught in the Fraser River.

If you recall, the pre-season forecast from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans was a Sockeye run size of 13.98 million in the Fraser.

Processors are reporting that much of the Sockeye coming from B.C. is hitting the 4-6 and 6-9lb grade headed and gutted.

These are moving quickly in the fresh markets, leaving little supply.

A 4-6lb H&G Sockeye will produce two fillets about 1.3 to 1.95 pounds.

However, a 2-4lb H&G Sockeye will produce fillets in the range of 0.65 to 1.3 pounds.

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Based on these yields, we can accurately estimate that the supply of 1-3lb fillets will be tighter this year as the majority of Alaskan H&G Sockeye has averaged 2-4lbs.

--- Even with Sockeye coming into the market from B.C. we are still seeing Headed and gutted pricing rise, leaving fillets in the $8.30 to $8.70/lb Range.

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2-4lb H&G Sockeye are in the high $3.00 to low $4.00 range, with 4-6s closer to the low $5s.

Overall, although Bristol did well this season, the overall weight of Sockeye available in the market is down so we anticipate fillet pricing the strengthen in the coming months.

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We recommend keeping tuned into our upcoming market updates for additional information on Sockeye as the season finishes.

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