EP 414 | AIRED 11/26/2018

Oregon Pink Shrimp Fishery Rebounds

November 26, 2018 - The 2018 Pink shrimp fishery ended in Oregon on October 31st, and is not set to reopen agan until next April. For several years the landings have been effected by warmer water temperatures, attributed to the "blob" that spanned the West Coast from Alaska to Southern California...

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In a Science report earlier this year, it was determined that the carbon intensity of crustaceans accounts for 22 percent of CO2 emissions from fishing due to fuel, while they account for only 6 percent of the tonnage landed.

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Despite the negative conditions, the fishery had a dramatic recovery this year, with the third most profitable season in the history of the fishery.

It was reported that although boats had to drag their nets longer and travel farther down the coast, the landings reflected positive growth for the first time in 3 years.

35.9 million pounds of pink shrimp landed this year in Oregon, with an average of 72 cents per pound at the docks - up from about 56 cents last year.

This is a big rebound from last year, which was the lowest recorded catch since 2009 at 23 million pounds.

Year class sizing continues to be an issue though as the predominant cooked and peeled grade produced was a 300-400count per pound.

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It was predicted that pink shrimp stocks in 2018 would be comprised of 3 year classes but with a weak 2017 season there was limited optimism for shrimp sizing.

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Inventories in the smaller grades are decent right now, but the popular 250-350 count is lacking.

Expect pricing to be around $6.85/lb in Seattle for 250-350 count and in the mid-$5s for 300-400 count.

There will be no new inventory until next May, so buyers are advised to look at contract requirements and secure inventory to last through the winter and Spring.

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