92%of all raw materials use in the production of SINBAD products in 2017 were sourced from sustainable fisheries.

We use guidance from Seafood Watch, Ocean Wise and the Marine Stewardship Council to determine the sustainability status of our raw materials - and then input their data into our internal rating system to arrive at a rating out of 100.

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Job Type: Full Time

Location: Vancouver

Industry: Seafood

Tradex Foods is seeking an ambitious, self-motivated and experienced Business Development Account Executive located in the Vancouver area. The position will service existing customers and create new business using Outside-the-Box Techniques.


The candidate will have knowledge and experience in the frozen seafood commodity and value-added industry on a domestic and international level. They will show eagerness in developing a new customer base and relations as well as bring with them a history of good solid existing business relationships. The job entails a large percentage of sales to be started and completed via telephone including cold calls. Collaboration and co-ordination of orders and shipments with head office will be standard protocol. Use of the company's CRM to track leads, actions and follow sales progress. Using the corporate CRM the chosen candidate will share information with team members, marketing team and the IT department. The sales person will introduce customer to our "ahead of the curve" complimentary services such as our Live Seafood Portal and news updates services.


- Bring an existing local, domestic and international customer base
- Ability to communicate exceptionally and continuously over the phone
- Ability to open and close opportunities over the phone
- Confident in a very fast paced environment
- Quick learner and decision marker, adaptable to various situations
- Solution oriented and a good problem solver
- Proficient using a computer to complete daily tasks, such as email
- Ability to use Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel
- Ability to effectively collaborate with team members and other departments
- Ability to learn web based applications
- Strong customer service and conflict resolution skills
- Ability to develop long-term relationships with clients to maintain repeat business

Knowledge of Seafood and the Industry is required.

About Tradex Foods:

Tradex Foods is an Ocean Wise Recommended, MSC & RFM Global Trust Certified Global Supplier of Premium Quality Frozen Seafood - distributing over 40 million lbs of frozen seafood per year. We serve processing, food services and retail clients across North America and throughout the world. Tradex’ business strategy is centered on providing solutions - as such, we are continually adapting to an ever-changing industry in order to better serve our customers. Innovation is paramount to our success - Tradex has been recognized for cutting-edge endeavours that benefit not only our customers but also the environment and the end-consumers of our products. Tradex Foods is a progressive and enthusiastic company growing at an aggressive rate. In your role as a an Account Manager within our Business Development Team you will be an integral component in our pursuit of positioning Tradex Foods as the global leader in quality frozen seafood processing.

How To Apply: Email a Cover Letter and Resume to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Quality Alert: Untrimmed Tilapia Actually Cost you More Money

You’re a seafood buyer and you get emailed a offer for Tilapia Fillets. The email offer might look something like this…

Tilapia Email Offer

Great looking Tilapia fillets right? At first glance yes, however upon further inspection and some calculations this offer might not be as good as you thought it might be.

What's the Problem:

The Tilapia fillets in the offer are untrimmed

Why is this a Problem?:

Untrimmed parts of a fillet are considered to be "useless". If you were to give this product to a chef of a restaurant they would have to manually trim the edges. Untrimmed parts of the fish translate into approximately 5% of the fillet

What does this mean?:

Essentially you are paying for weight that you are going to trim off and toss in the garbage.

...Let's take a look at this scenario.

Product 1: Untrimmed Fillets - $2.65/lb, 100% Net Weight, 10LB Box, Untrimmed Weight = 5% of Fillet

Product 2: Trimmed Fillets - $2.70/lb, 100% Net Weight, 10LB Box

...Now for some Calculations.

Unusable Product per Box

Based on the calculation that approximately 5% of the product is unusable

[calculate] .05 × 10 = 0.5

[result] the unusable product per box = 0.5 LBS

Usable Product per Box

Since 0.5 LBS of every 10 LB box is unusable

[calculate] 10 - 0.5 = 9.5

[result] the usable product per box = 9.5 LBS

New Price per Pound

You paid $2.65/LB and actually got 9.5LBS of usable product

[calculate] 2.65 ÷ 9.5 = 0.278

[result] the new price paid is $2.78/LB

[Conclusion] Based on paying $2.65/LB for a 10LB Box and only getting 9.5LBS or unusable product you are essentially paying $2.78/LB instead. This new price doesn't reflect the extra prep time the Chef will have to spend manually trimming the fillets.

When you buy our SINBAD branded Tilapia you can rest assured that you are getting the best product on the market. Our SINBAD Tilapia is Well Trimmed, 100% Net Weight and undergoes our “Industry Best” 7-Step Quality Control Process.

Umtrimmed Tilapia
Untrimmed Tilapia

Normal Trimmed Tilapia
Normal Trimmed Tilapia

Well Trimmed Tilapia
Well Trimmed Tilapia

Watch our video on Untrimmed Frill

Check out some more of our School of Fish Articles

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Tradex Foods Appoints Chris Liu as VP of Asian Operations

Victoria, British Columbia - April 22, 2014 - Effective immediately Tradex Foods has appointed Chris Liu Vice President of Asia Operations.

Chris has been with the Tradex team for over 10 years and has directly attributed to the growth of the our asian operations where it is now an integral part of the Tradex Foods global procurement and sales strategy. Chris will be working out of the our office in Qingdao, China and will be responsible for all aspects of the asian operations.

Paramount to the Tradex core values is our focus on quality and transparency. With Chris Liu at the helm of our asian operations you can continue to have 100% confidence in our products as they undergo our industry-best 7-Step Quality Control Process which can include quality control measures such as DNA Testing and Temperature Monitoring.

7-Step Quality Control Process

The Tradex Foods 7-Step Quality Control Process is the benchmark for quality management in the frozen seafood industry. This process ensures comprehensive inspections at every stage of production – on the production line – on the floor of the plant – for the full duration of processing. Each step is managed with a relentless attention to detail – by our own Tradex Control Quality Supervisors - ensuring exceptional quality with every production run and fully documented with a detailed inspection report.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Chris Liu at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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