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Quality Seafood


Our "industry best" 7-Step Quality Control Process delivers comprehensive inspections at every stage of processing – on the production line.

Instead of performing a one-off inspection – Tradex Quality Control Supervisors follow the entire chain of custody – from vessel to distribution.

Each stage is documented by comprehensive inspection reports complete with photographs. This process delivers full – transparent traceability for all our products.

Simply put – if product does not meet our stringent standards – it is rejected.

Unique to the industry – essential to quality.

"Industry Best"
7-Step Control Control Process

Quality Control Supervisors

Our "industry best" 7-Step Quality Control Process is overseen by our own Tradex Quality Control Supervisors - who are instrumental in the execution and enforcement of our rigorous quality standards.

In every country that we process seafood - we employee Tradex Quality Control Supervisors - who work exclusively for us.

Our supervisors follow the entire chain of custody – from vessel to distribution.

By contrast – the majority of companies in the industry hire third-party inspectors that merely conduct spot-checks – leaving ample opportunity for errors, omissions and deceptive practices.


To further ensure increased customer assurance of higher quality frozen seafood and reduced temperature-related problems... (since 2013) Tradex Foods has implemented a temperature monitoring security service that provides all-inclusive cargo transparency and supply chain integrity from origin to destination by monitoring the risks associated with spoilage by temperature abuse in all containers shipping from China. The temperature is monitored from the time the container is loaded to the time the container arrives and is unloaded at its final destination.

Uncovering Deceptive Practices

The industry is marred with deceptive short-cuts that are intended to exploit the vulnerability of the freezing process – in an effort to boost net weights and fatten the bottom line of unscrupulous processors. The thawing process can melt-away the expectation of quality and consistency – exposing product deficiencies that will leave your customers feeling – chilly – and your revenue streams – dry. Knowledge is power - be educated.

Learn how to expose deceptive practices and arm your sales team with strategies to sell against them.


Upon completion of processing - Tradex Quality Control Supervisors compile a detailed report card – complete with photographs - that encapsulates all the relevant details of production.

This document is referred to as an Inspection Report – and is available with every production run processed by Tradex Foods.

This system delivers full transparent traceability for all our products.

Regardless of who you purchase your frozen seafood products from - we encourage you to ask for an Inspection Report – if one is not available – there is likely a reason.


The fraudulent act of mislabeling seafood is dominating news headlines. To repeat what mainstream media have reported – it is more common than you may think. Unscrupulous seafood companies substitute lesser-value fish as a means to boost profits and fatten their bottom lines. More often than not, foodservice distributors, restaurants and retailers are not even aware that a substitution has taken place.

Tradex is committed to eliminating seafood fraud and to providing our customers with full transparency. Tradex can offer DNA Testing services on all SINBAD, SINBAD Gold, and SINBAD Platinum branded seafood production. In addition, Tradex can also offer any private label customer the option to implement DNA testing.