EP 407 | AIRED 10/08/2018

9.8M Less Sole Fillets In The Market Than Last Fall

October 8, 2018 - Over the past two years, we have seen Flounder catches decrease in the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea. The total catch for this time of the year for Flathead Sole, Rock Sole, and Yellowfin Sole decreased substantially Year-to-year in 2017 by 10 percent, or 39.2 million pounds...

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2018 Alaska Salmon Commercial Harvest Counter

(Harvest in thousands of fish)

Chinook Chum Coho Pink Sockeye Total
Statewide Totals 240 19,636 3,503 40,048 50,129 113,556

Updated: MON OCT 8 2018 11:03AM (View Previous Weeks Totals)

This equates to about 9.8 million skinless fillets less in the market than last Fall.

We saw a recovery in the Flounder market this Spring as supply evened out and fillet production resumed.

SINBAD Gold Sole Fillets

Currently, the Year-to-year catch from this time in 2017 has decreased marginally by about 4 million pounds or 990 thousand pounds of skinless Flounder fillets.

Although the supply has steadied, raw material sizing seems to be on the decline this season.

Several Chinese processors commented on less availabiliy of Large sized Alaskan flounder raw materials, which are about 700 grams.

It's more common to receive offers on Medium sized raw material which will produce more 1-3oz skinless boneless fillets instead of the popular 3-5oz fillet size.

As a result, offers on 3-5oz skinless boneless Flounder fillets have risen about $0.30/lb after raw materials reached $2300 per metric tonne in China.

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On top of this, US tariffs on Chinese produced Flounder and Sole products will add another 10 percent to the cost of the goods.

--- On another note, it's that time of year again. October is National Seafood Month. This month, we encourage you to make a commitment to purchasing Sustainable Seafood.

2017 Sustainability Rating Score
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In 2017, 92 percent of all raw materials use in the production of our SINBAD, SINBAD Gold, and SINBAD Platinum products were sourced from sustainable fisheries.

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