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EP 442 | AIRED 06/17/2019

Halibut Market Update: China, Russia, North America

June 17th, 2019 --- On the West Coast, fresh Halibut sales continue to command the marketplace.

2019 Alaska Salmon Commercial Harvest Counter

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Not many processors on the west coast are freezing Halibut H&G and any product not being sold fresh is being frozen in the fletch form.

SINBAD Pacific Cod

There is quite a broad range in pricing between single and twice frozen fletches.

Twice frozen fletches have been seen as low as $8.60/lb USD to has high as $14.95/lb USD for single frozen Halibut Fletches.

Current Halibut offers on our TradexLIVE platform can be seen at $13.25/lb for 1-3lb fletches, and $13.35/lb for 3-5lb fletches - all from brand new 2019 production cut from fresh.

Official June landing reports from the International Pacific Halibut Commission show that about 30 percent of the fishing limits has been harvested.

The Pacific Halibut fishery opened March 15th, 2019 and runs until November 7th, 2019.

Fishery openings are currently only in IPHC Regulatory Areas 2B in British Columbia and Areas 2C, 3 and 4 in Alaska.

Area 2A for California, Oregon, and Washington has not yet been opened but the IPHC has confirmed two fishing periods of June 26th and July 10th.

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--- Now onto Russian Halibut.

Russian Halibut is caught as bycatch; the fishing happens all year long with the peak season happening from June to September.

SINBAD Atlantic Cod Loins

Over the last two months, Russian Halibut pricing in China has dropped over 50 percent from $15.00/kg.

Plants we have been in contact with are saying they don't have much inventory because Halibut is such as high value item.

Even with Russian Halibut at their current price, plants are saying demand is still not very strong.

This is partially because of tariffs as well as the uncertainty of harvest volumes for Russian Halibut.

--- And finally, our TradexLIVE offer of the week is for our SINBAD Brand Pacific Cod Loins

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This means you use 100 percent of every pound purchased.

We currently have 3oz, 5oz, and 8oz sizes available in our Los Angeles hub for $3.75/lb.

These also come with our 100 percent net weight guarantee.

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