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Sole: Dover


  • Scientific Name: Microstomus pacificus; a member of the Soleidae Family
  • US Market Name(s): Sole
  • Canada Market Name(s): Dover Sole

Culinary Profile

Sole & Flounder flesh is lean, creamy white and offers a very thin fillet. When cooked - the flesh is flakey and has a mild flavour.


Similar to other members of the Flatfish Family - Dover Sole have eyes on the same side of their head. Dover Sole can grow to 10 pounds - although few are over 2 pounds.


Dover Sole reside at depths ranging from 7 - 4,500 feet. This demersal Flatfish can be found on the Pacific Coast - ranging from Baja California - north to the Bering Sea and Western Aleutian Islands. The majority of catch occurs off the coast of Oregon and California.

Fishing Season

Sustainability Status

Sole & Flounder populations are not considered depleted, but the common method of catch is bottom trawling - which has significant bycatch and habitat degradation concerns. Dover Sole populations off the west coast of the US are healthy and no overfishing is occurring. Information on population levels in the North Pacific is not currently available.

Fishy Fact: Dover Sole are sometimes called “Slime Sole” by fishermen. This is because they produce profuse amounts of slime on their skin when they are brought onboard.s


Available as Value Added, Commodity, Custom Packing.