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Sole: Yellowfin


  • Scientific Name: Limanda aspera; a member of the Soleidae Family
  • US Market Name(s): Sole, Flounder
  • Canada Market Name(s): Yellowfin Sole, Sole, Flounder

Culinary Profile

Sole & Flounder flesh is lean, creamy white and offers a very thin fillet. When cooked - the flesh is flakey and has a mild flavour.


Similar to other members of the Flatfish Family - Yellowfin Sole have eyes on the same side of their head. They can be distinguished from other Sole & Flounder species by their yellowish fins. Yellowfin Sole are very small fish - weighing between 4 - 24 ounces.


Yellowfin Sole can be found at different depths throughout their lifecycle. As juveniles - they reside in shallow waters, where as as adults - they move into deeper waters and generally prefer sandy substrates. This Flatfish species ranges from the waters of British Columbia to the Chukchi Sea - north of the Bering Sea - as well as along the Asian Coast. Alaska harvests the majority of worldwide Yellowfin Sole.

Fishing Season

Sustainability Status

Sole & Flounder populations are not considered depleted, but the common method of catch is bottom trawling - which has significant bycatch and habitat degradation concerns. Yellowfin Sole populations have recovered from overfishing in the 1960s and are now considered healthy.

Fishy Fact: Yellowfin Sole is the target of the largest Flatfish fishery in the United States.


Available as Value Added, Commodity, Custom Packing.