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EP 452 | AIRED 08/26/2019

3MMI - Russian Chum and Pink Salmon 2019 Season Update

August 26, 2019 --- In this week's episode we review the Chum and Pink Salmon season in Russia. It's looking like another great year for Russia's Pacific Salmon with over 400,000 metric tonnes harvested since the start of the fishery in June.

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Updated: August 26, 2019 10:00am (View Previous Weeks Totals)

--- The recommended catch for 2019 was 461,000 metric tonnes and current harvest totals are 48.8 percent higher than the same time in 2017.

In Eastern Kamchatka, Pink Salmon catches have totalled over 224,000 metric tonnes of the 293,000 metric tonnes expected.

Current harvest totals in this area are 50 percent more than the same time in 2017.

SINBAD Pink Salmon

Russia's Pacific Salmon is compared on even and odd years.

In Western Kamchatka, Scientist expect Pinks are on track for a record breaking year - for an odd year.

By July 31, more than 32,000 metric tonns of Pinks were harvested of the 51,000 metric tonnes forecasted for Western Kamchatka.

In Western Kamchatka, odd year catches are typically small and do not usually exceed five to ten thousand metric tonnes.

--- As for Chum Salmon, more activity is now expected as Russian Research institute TINRO reports that Pink Salmon are already passed into the rivers.

The 2019 Russian Chum Salmon forecast was for 116,000 metric tonnes.

Currently about 48.1 thousand Chum Salmon have been harvested and our sources have advised that catch to date has been less than expected.

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--- According to Russian reports 173,000 metric tonnes of Pacific Salmon products are in transport to the port of Vladivostok and the ports of Southeast Asia.

With the way Russian Salmon is sold, it is first put into cold storages for plants to inspect.

After the inspection, plants offer their prices.

SINBAD Platinum Pink Salmon

Raw materials pricing is still to be determined as Russian Salmon makes it way to cold storages and buyers negotiate pricing.

Our sources in Asia confirmed that plants were offered at $3500 per metric tonne for new season Russian Chums however buyers are not ready to accept that price.

In 2018, prices were as high as $4850 per metric tonne at it's highest point.

Plants confirmed there isn't a whole lot of 2018 Russian Salmon inventories remaining, and not much new season Salmon has arrived yet.

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