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Pacific Halibut


  • Scientific Name: Hippoglossus stenolepsis
  • US Market Name(s): Halibut
  • Canada Market Name(s): Pacific Halibut

Culinary Profile

Pacific Halibut flesh offers a medium fat content - is snow-white and firm - has a flaky texture and a mild, sweet taste. Pacific Halibut is known to offer slightly milder flavour than its Atlantic counterpart.


Similar to other members of the Flatfish Family – Pacific Halibut have eyes on the same side of their head. The upper side of the fish is dark to blend in with the seafloor - while the underside is white to blend in with the sky. These bottom-dwelling fish are the largest of all Flatfish - capable of growing up to 600 pounds. However - the average landing is typically between 10 and 100 pounds.


Halibut are a member of the Flatfish family and can be found in both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Close to 100% of all Halibut landed in the US is the Pacific species. Pacific Halibut are primarily caught off the west coast of Canada and in Alaska - however - they range as far south as California, as well as in the coastal waters of Japan.

Fishing Season

Sustainability Status

Pacific Halibut populations are healthy. The International Halibut Commission manages both US and Canadian Pacific Halibut fisheries. Successful management practices have resulted in healthy populations and longer fishing seasons.

Fishy Fact: The name “Halibut” originates from the Middle English “hali” – meaning “holy”. This is due to the fact that -historically - the fish was often eaten on holy and fast days.


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